Once, the Vallagon property was part of the Chenonceau estate and was then called “Les Drageonnieres”. 

The building of the castle took place in the 16th century as a little castle for two “fires” (residence for the family).

In the 19th century a rich Bourgeois, Mr. Rance, would like to settle here and built the recent house in 1851 with stones of Bourré, surrounded by forest and vineyards.

He has installed a wine press in the barn, dating from 1814 and 1825 and has completed the ensemble by building stables in 1864, a barn in 1866 and a little house called “Vendangeuse” in 1867. 

All buildings were made out of stone of Bourré, her gates marked with pink stone creates an ensemble of architectural harmony.

In 1912 Mr. Lucien Meyer obtained this property, that will be exploited by one of his sons, Mr. Denis Meyer, also comprising part of the mushroom caves of the “champignons de Paris” on the other side of the vineyards and the grain fields, for which Mr. Roland Bisson took care from 1953 up till 1991, as tenant farmer for the vineyards and fields.

During the 1st world war the property was prepared as a recovery place for evacuated American soldiers.

As from 1940 the Vallagon was being occupied by German soldiers; the staff living together with the staff of the Meyer family in the castle and the soldiers living in the surrounding buildings.

The Luftwaffe used the mushroom caves as depot for their ammunition, using the railroad “Decauville” as entrance to the cave.

After their draw back in August 1944, the German troops have blown up the ammunition depots, causing considerable damage to the whole complex and her fields…

As from 1991 up to 2005 the castle has only been used as a private holiday residence of the family.
Now days the castle has changed into a 3 stars hotel with 12 rooms.



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